We planned a BBQ party in my house, around 30 friends. I had no time to really organize the event. So I agreed on a Brazilian BBQ menu with Chef Rafael Olintho and relied on him to make it happen. It was a fantastic experience! Chef Olintho is super organized, works only with high quality products and made the most delicious BBQ ever. Our friends were amazed... the food was incredible: the meat, the side dishes (the “farofa” OMG!), and even my vegetarian friends that enjoyed some vegetables options. We had the BBQ going for more than 4 hours, as some of our guests came later, and Chef Olintho accommodated everything to work perfectly. Very friendly service, great food! I strongly recommend!
— Carolina A.
Great experience working with chef Rafael! Had a gathering of about 40-50 for spontaneous cocktail party. He created some delicious appetizers and beautiful buffet table for my guests to enjoy. He even gave a quick demo to guests congregating in kitchen! Very easy to work with and his chefs and service team were all top notch and very professional. Look forward to having him back again for a nice dinner party or even a cooking class! Thanks again chef!
— Iren A.
Rafael Olintho was recommended to me when I was looking for a chef to cook on my husbands birthday and housewarming party. I was impressed with his talent for cooking and how much passion he puts into his work. I was super happy with the quality of his service and all the guests loved it as well.

Life goes on after the festivities and I was struggling like always to keep a healthy eating habit and finding time to cook. That’s when I decided to hire chef Olintho to cook for my family in a weekly basis. Best decision ever! I’ve gotten excellent quality food and service, and more time for myself. No more opening the refrigerator and finding nothing to eat or only ingredients to cook. Now I just need to decide what to eat among all that feast! I highly recommend chef’s Olintho service and his delicious food! He is an outstanding and seasoned professional, offering a personalized and creative service.
— Talita S.
From seafood to Brazilian steaks, Mr. Olintho is an amazing chef! The dishes are delicious, fresh, innovative and beautifully presented. I have known Chef Olintho for almost a year now. Whether a dinner for four or a party for 40 people, he has consistently created an amazing menu that not only pleased everyone, but mesmerize their taste buds. Chef Olintho is also a great bartender. He makes a killer caipirinha. I have the good fortune of being dazzled by Chef Olintho’s culinary creations every week. He’s a talented, friendly and funny guy to be around, even when he’s crafting his dishes!
— Steve Y.

I have been doing events for the past 20 years. Rafael Olintho is one of the most professional and outstanding chefs I ever met. he is creative, punctual, organized. The food is absolutely delicious!
— Dinize W.
OMG! Where to begin...Rafael & his crew arrived at our house around 10am and he immediately took over our tiny kitchen and turned it into his little assembly line. We chose most of our main ingredients (all organic) meat, veggies and sides, he added a couple things and of course a few surprises. It was magical, the word “amazing” does not describe the deliciousness.

His attention to detail brought to life even the most simplest of sides. I remember tasting a crouton and it was like warm and melty with a buttery crunch at the same time. We were thinking “let’s invite some friends and have some crepes”. It became so much more.

Rafael would build you a savory crepe dish with a protein of your choosing, a couple mix-ins that were hand-made with the same care as the aforementioned croutons and of course to top it all off, a choice of sauce. The surprise really was the sauce, it was pretty special, like heaven, if heaven was melted down with blue cheese and boiled to to its essence and spooned onto my crepe. You have to try the blue cheese... Anyways, long story short we have had Rafael three times in the past year for crepes.

We are about to have him again, but this time...Brazilian BBQ. We proudly endorse Rafael Olintho!!! Please give him a try, you won’t be disappointed!
— Leila A.